Processing of personal data at Estonian Aviation Academy

Personal data will mean any data that will allow the identification of an individual. Processing of personal data will mean any proceedings involving personal data. The information given below describes the principles of processing of personal data at Estonian Aviation Academy, and the person’s rights to inspect their personal data.

NB! The information provided below does not include:
  • processing of data of legal entities and institutions, and of a natural person, if the processing takes place in relation to their job-related duties;
  •  processing of data on websites referred to on the Academy website but not administered by the Academy (external links).

Request for explanation, memorandum, information request and miscellaneous correspondence

The activities of Estonian Aviation Academy are public. The Academy, when doing its work, receives personal data. Such information may reach the Academy as the consequence of correspondence. It may also happen when a person concerned is a party to certain proceedings.
Personal information will be used to answer the inquiries. Should it involve an inquiry from a third person, the personal data will be disclosed in the minimum amount necessary. Pursuant to the Public Information Act, the Academy shall have to publish its document register on it homepage. Thus the data of correspondence will be visible in a public document register. It is important to make distinguish whether the documents are subject to restricted access or not. Documents not publicly visible, though not covered with access restriction, can be reviewed only after making an informal request.
Correspondence with private persons is usually a subject to restricted access. The public document register reveals only the initials of the sender or recipient, but not the full name(s). Should someone wish to review the correspondence with the person and submit the information request, the contents of the correspondence will be reviewed and decision made whether the document can be issued either in part or in full. Personal contact information, such as e-mail address, postal address or phone number will be removed from the document before issuing (except for the correspondence concerning the representative of a legal entity or authority). In all the other cases the access restriction depends on the contents of the document. Possible grounds for restricting the access are specified in the Public Information Act.

Documents under restricted access shall be issued only to the institutions and persons being entitled to the right to request by law. (e.g. those conducting proceedings or court of law).

The Academy shall retain the correspondence with private persons for five years. After expiring of this term the document will be destroyed. 

The right to examine one’s own personal data. The right to demand the correction of inaccurate data 

Everyone shall have the right to review personal information collected about him/her.
The application shall be denied when, if satisfied, this may:
  • damage the rights and freedoms of another individual; 
  • endanger national security; 
  • interfere with or jeopardise the prevention, disclosure or proceedings of offence, or the enforcement of the sentence.
Everyone shall have the right to demand the correction of their inaccurate personal data. For that he/she has to submit a hand-written or digitally signed application. In case the Academy has no legal grounds to use someone’s personal data, the person involved shall have the right to demand that the use of the data be stopped or the data be deleted. For that he/she has to submit a hand-written or digitally signed application. The person shall have the right to file a challenge about the proceedings or turn to the administrative court.

Applying to work at Estonian Aviation Academy

In the recruiting process the Academy proceeds from the following principles:
  • In the evaluation process of the person the Academy proceeds from the information provided by the person him-/herself, and if needed, additional information may be gathered available via public resources. The candidate shall have the right to review the information obtained and deliver their own explanations and objections. 
  • The Aviation Academy presumes that the candidate having provided the information required for applying for the job has thereby agreed on being asked personal questions, as well as the references have thereby agreed that the Academy may turn to them for further information. Should the candidate not be elected, their personal data shall be kept for six months, after that the data will be kept only by the written approval of the candidate. 
  • The data of the candidates is categorised as subject to restriction to access which the third parties have access only in the cases as provided by law. 

Visiting the homepage of Estonian Aviation Academy

The following data on the web page visitor shall be gathered and filed:
  • the IP-address of the PC or the network internet address; 
  • the PC browser, the software version of the operational system and the resolution of the screen; 
  • the visiting time and duration (time, date, year); 
  • choice of the language (Estonian or English). 

The IP-addresses will not be connected to information allowing identification of a person. Data is gathered on the parts of the web page visited and on the duration of such visits. The data gathered is used to compile statistics on the basis of which to further develop the homepage and make it more comfortable to be used.

The EAVA homepage uses permanent and session cookies to offer better user experience and for further development of the page with the aim of offering more interesting pages. The cookies can also be created by various external service providers with the help of whom the homepage is honed (e.g. Facebook, Google). The users are deemed to having given their consent, if the browser setting allows cookies. If not agreed with, some functions of web pages may become limited.

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