The field of aviation has arisen, grown and developed, first and foremost, due to the development of aeronautical engineering.

The Aeronautical Engineering curriculum comprising two main specialities: Communication and Navigation Systems and Aircraft Engineering.

The study language of this programme is Estonian!


Who can I become?

In the speciality of Aircraft Engineering it is possible to become an aviation engineer.

Aircraft Engineering speciality trains engineers who work with creating or maintaining high-tech solutions in the field of mechanics, mechatronics and electronics.

The skills and experience enable the respective specialist to work in other fields which require application of high-tech solutions to solve technical problems: automotive industry, rail transport etc.


What do I learn?

During the course of studies the students of the speciality of Aircraft Engineering acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that would enable them to understand the construction, operating principles and troubleshooting methods of aircraft systems, engines, airframes, and piloting and navigation devices.

The students also gain the knowledge of aerodynamics, of the design, structure and construction of aircraft, of different types of engines and their working principles, of avionics systems and their diagnostics, of safety systems, human factors and various legal acts to be followed in aviation.

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How and where do I learn?


What next?

I liked my exchange semester very much because of the beauty of Estonia and the great nature. I appreciate Tartu for its cosiness and friendly people. The Estonian Aviation Academy is a great school and I especially loved its familiar atmosphere and how modern the study equipment is.
Wojciech Zawada
Air traffic controller at Kraków Airport, Polish Air Navigation Services Agency
I liked studying in Tartu very much. It is a charming city with its town hall square and beautiful Toome Park. There are many things to do, such as visiting the different museums or going ice skating at the Christmas market. Tartu has a lot of restaurants and bars, so nightlife was definitely not lacking. I was very impressed by the nature of Estonia with its birch forests and swamps.
Linda Eggenberger
Exchange student from Switzerland