Healthcare and Insurance

All students entering Estonia are strongly recommended to arrange their own health insurance for the period of their study abroad before leaving their home country. Health insurance should cover health, accidents and hospital care.

Health Insurance

  • EU/EEA citizens are entitled to the same social welfare benefits in Estonia as Estonian residents. Therefore, students from EU/EEA countries should obtain an EU health insurance card from the social service authorities in their home country before arriving in Estonia. In addition you can obtain private health insurance
  • Students from Non-EU/EEA countries have to obtain internationally valid private health insurance. It is recommended to make an insurance contract in your country. But it is possible to do it also in Estonia. Some opportunities: ERGO (health insurance contract can be signed after arrival to Estonia) and KindlustusEst.

Health insurance is necessary if the Non-EU/EEA citizen is applying for the D (long-term) Visa.

Health Care

  1. Primary health care is a set of ambulatory services for the most common health problems. Primary health care and ambulance service are free of charge for Estonian residents!
  1. Specialised medical care: ambulatory and hospital.
  1. Ambulance care is a health care service intended for the primary diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening illnesses, injuries or poisonings. One can reach an ambulance on 112 from all over Estonia.
  • Primary health care
All insured residents have the right to choose their family practitioner, who is the first contact point in case of any
illness. The family practitioner treats minor illnesses, can make home visits and gives referrals to visit a medical specialist.

English speaking family practitioners in Tartu:

Doctor Liina Kask-Fligt
Family Physicians of the City centre of Tartu
Address: Gildi 8, Tel. +372 744 1372  

Ülikooli Perearstikeskus (Family Physicians of the UT)
Address: Puusepa 1a, 1st floor, rooms 1171, 1170, 1182, 1167
Tel. +372 731 9268

Doctor Tiiu Tootsi
Address: Puusepa 1a, 3rd floor, rooms 3011 and 3012
Tel. +372 7455187
Homepage: (in Estonian)

For planning a visit:

1) Call beforehand.

In case of acute health problem: usually an appointment within 1 day.
In case of chronic health problem: usually an appointment within 5 business days.
In case of certificates: usually within 15 business days.

2) Do not forget to take your ID card or passport, EHIC or private health insurance documents with you.

3) Do not forget to take with you important medical papers.

4) Visit costs approx. 20 EUR, plus fees of other procedures done by the practitioner. Depending on the problem (acute vs chronic) and insurance type (EU or not) the cost may be different. Ask in advance.

  • Specialised medical care
  1. Mostly you need referral from a family practitioner.
  2. Referral is not necessary for:

1) Gynaecologist
2) Psychiatrist
3) Ophthalmologist
4) Dermatovenerologist
5) Dentist
6) Pulmonologist (in case of tuberculosis)
7) Infectious Diseases Doctor (in case of HIV/AIDS treatment and for vaccinations)

  1. Tartu University Hospital

Address: Puusepa 8, tel. 7319 100 or by e-mail:
If you have EU insurance, you get sick in Estonia and you have referral letter you have to pay only visit fee (5 EUR)

  1. Private clinics (ask family practitioner's advice). Visit fee 20-80 EUR + fee for investigations (ask in advance)
  • Ambulance care
  1. Ambulance service is free of charge in case of emergency or unavoidable medical aid. You can reach ambulance on 112 (toll free line) from all over Estonia.
  2. The accident ward and the emergency medical service unit have opening hours round the clock and one may seek help from them especially at weekends and at night time when family practitioners are off duty (you do not need to make an appointment for that).
  3. Go directly to Emergency department:
    Address: Puusepa 8, Tartu
    Open 24/7
    Visit fee is 5 EUR (with European Health Insurance Card)
  4. You can find both the emergency medical care unit and the accident ward from See map

Pharmacies (apteek) - Pharmacists can assist with simple medical problems.  Even though, most of the drugs are issued upon a medical prescription written by a doctor, some of the painkillers, antacids, ointments, and other simple drugs could be obtained without one. There are several pharmacies around town, but you will most likely find one in any of the big shopping centres.  

Dentists (hambaarst) - For adults, dental care is not free.  Usual visit may cost from 30 EUR upwards depending on the given problem.