The Ex-Vice President of the US airplanes manufacturer Piper Aircraft made a visit to our Academy

Several aviation experts made a visit to the Academy within the frames of space and aerospace seminar organised jointly by Enterprise Estonia and Estonian Aviation Academy on Thursday, 7 June. The grandchild of William T. Piper, of the founder of airplanes manufacturer Piper Aircraft, was among the visitors who later shared his aviation related knowledge and experience.

William T. Piper began his activities in aviation in 1929 when the then 48-year-old oil production specialist was appointed as the treasurer to Taylor Aircraft. Eight years later he purchased the company which was then renamed Piper Aircraft Corporation. All in all the company has manufactured over 140,000 airplanes, one thousand of which are still in use.

Mr William H. Piper, the grandchild of the founder of Piper Aircraft, has been connected with aviation all his life, and has collected over 2,500 flying hours. Although he does not belong to the management of Piper Aircraft any more he wishes to raise people's awareness of aviation and other related issues.

The present space and aerospace seminar belongs to the series of seminars the goal of which is to develop Estonian space and aerospace industry. The narrower objective of the seminar was to initiate discussions on cooperation opportunities with the producers in aerospace industry, on the public procurement rounds and the industry-specific standards and requirements for procurers.

Up to now two jointly organised seminars have taken place and there are ten more to come.

In the photo (from left): William H. Piper and Karl-Eerik Unt