Learning Environment

EAVA study centre is situated at Ülenurme, Tartu County next to Tartu Airport. The study centre is new and modern, opened in 2011.   

ATC Simulator Complex  

The simulator consists of:

  • 3 Radar Working Positions (WPs)
  • 1 Radar Instructor / Supervisor
  • 2 Tower WPs
  • 1 Tower Instructor / Supervisor WP
  • 8 Pseudo-Pilot WPs
  • 360 degrees 3D Display System  
ATTower/TOWSIM is a simulation system that performs the tasks required to train Tower and Radar Controllers, individually or as a team. The software provides a realistic model of aircraft movement and simulates the Tower, Apron and Approach and En Route Controller Positions.

FNPT II/MCC Simulator

Flight Navigation and Procedures Trainer type II is aircraft specific and presents the trainee with the training environment virtually the same as the real environment.

It enables to provide:

  • Ab-initio Training
  • Transition Training, Recurrent Training
  • Multi Crew Cooperation Training
  • FNPT II/MCC can be configured to represent a type related multi-engine turbo prop commercial aircraft (King Air 200) flight deck with the possibility to change the configuration to a generic multi engine piston (Seneca V) aircraft flight deck
  • Visual System – Cylindrical Screen
  • 180 degrees horizontal Field of View


The library has about 8,000 information units, an area to spend free time and read newspapers, magazines. There are also places for studying and a public computer. 

Computer Classrooms

EAVA has computer classrooms equipped with software necessary for learning engineering sciences, e.g.

  • MathCAD
  • AutoCAD
  • SolidWorks
  • SolidEdge
  • CorelDRAW

Lecture Rooms  

The lecture rooms are equipped with modern technical devices to meet the needs of contemporary teaching process.

The Laboratory of Communication and Navigation Systems   

Industrial training models:

  • Basic communication trainer KL 900A (14 training models)
  • Analog communication systems KL
  • A/M and F/M transmitter and receiver
  • Fiber optic communication systems

Original DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) beacon Software (MATLAB) and computers for simulating  navigation systems.

Modern measuring devices:

  • Spectrum Analyzers FS 300 and FSH3 (Rhode&Schwarz)
  • Vector signal Generator SM 300 (Rhode&Schwarz)
  • Signal Generator SM 300 (Rhode&Schwarz)

Motoring and Loading Test System for Engine Test Stands (Schenck) 

The operational system includes:

  • AC induction motor with test bench
  • Torque measuring system
  • Speed measuring system
  • Variable frequency drive system
  • Digital test stand controller for engine management
  • Fuel supply measurement system
  • Air supply measurement system

The entire system, which includes AC induction motor, variable frequency drive, test stand controller and safety module is designed and tested to interact in any kind of development, performance or function-testing stand. The application spectrum ranges from simple steady-state test stands to sophisticated transient test stands for the simulation of road load, driver behavior and driveline components.

Laboratory of Avionics

Laboratory of avionics includes all necessary equipment to test modern aircraft instruments and avionics systems. Test stands in EAVA avionics laboratory can be used to test:

  • Pressure instruments such as altimetres and speed indicators
  • Radio navigation systems like VOR and ILS
  • Radar systems like transponders and weather radar
  • Gyroscopic instruments
  • Electrical equipment instruments
  • The laboratory has a collection of various cross-sections of avionics instruments