Department of Aeronautical Engineering – Estonian Aviation Academy


Department of Aeronautical Engineering

Olga Liivapuu
Siim Heering
Tanel Tärgla
Toomas Ruuben
Julia Kovalenko
Märt Vanamb
Kuldar Saaremäe
Crismar Liukonen
Marlen Tärgla
Aviation, the field where extraordinary people are working, was a great childhood dream of mine. Commencing my studies at the Estonian Aviation Academy was the first step on the career ladder in the aviation. In addition to the diploma, I learned that despite some setbacks you need to take risks and consistently pursue your goals.
Alina Preobrazhenskaya
Alumnus, Flight Dispatcher at Diamond Sky
In addition to acquiring specialist skills, I gained a brilliant insight into the aviation industry here at Estonian Aviation Academy. Therefore, I am completely at home in aviation and it has greatly facilitated working in different aviation-related occupations.
Koit Kaskel
Alumnus, Rector of the Estonian Aviation Academy