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Be a guide in the sky

Just as cars need roads to travel and ships need waterways, aircraft have invisible paths in the airspace. To ensure the safe flow of traffic along air routes, air traffic services specialists perform their responsible duties on a daily basis.

In the Air Traffic Services programme, students specialize as either an air traffic controller or an air traffic services specialist.

Students apply for Air Traffic Services curriculum and choose the specialisation during the second year.


This curriculum is taught exclusively in Estonian in a form of daytime studies.

The study period is 4 years, and if one studies full-time, the study is free.

We welcome foreign students through Erasmus+ programme or to study in our international programmes.


The students of Air Traffic Services curriculum will obtain internationally recognized education as an air traffic controller or air traffic services specialist, and a higher education diploma in the field of air traffic services.

Higher education involves acquiring necessary knowledge in technical subjects, natural sciences, economics, and entrepreneurship. The specific professional training is where all the required practical skills are acquired based on the chosen specialization.

Air traffic controllers undergo internationally recognized basic training and air traffic services specialists undergo training related to the aviation environment, the nature of air traffic management, and working methods.

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About the studies

Upon graduation, the alumnus will have a broad-based understanding and knowledge of air traffic services. Air traffic controllers have the potential to pursue a career as a tower controller, approach controller or area controller. Air traffic services specialists can address tasks related to air traffic services in various aviation companies and institutions. 
Aviation, the field where extraordinary people are working, was a great childhood dream of mine. Commencing my studies at the Estonian Aviation Academy was the first step on the career ladder in the aviation. In addition to the diploma, I learned that despite some setbacks you need to take risks and consistently pursue your goals.
Alina Preobrazhenskaya
Alumnus, Flight Dispatcher at Diamond Sky
In addition to acquiring specialist skills, I gained a brilliant insight into the aviation industry here at Estonian Aviation Academy. Therefore, I am completely at home in aviation and it has greatly facilitated working in different aviation-related occupations.
Koit Kaskel
Alumnus, Rector of the Estonian Aviation Academy